Reyes I Make Cakes

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Reyes I Makes Cakes creates incredibly cool and custom flavoured cakes for parties of all themes and sizes.

Web Design



Art Direction


Reyes I Makes Cakes needed a rebrand and online storefront in order to increase its ability to reach new customers in the GTA region.

They wanted to embrace their punny side, and allow the owner’s story to shine through.

The team explored several different art styles through moodboards, adjective sliders, and brand bullseyes.

Reyes I Make Cakes Icons
Reyes I Make Cakes Brand

Outcomes & Design

The resulting website was inspired by the playful-gentleness of the cakes. The team wanted the web presence to mirror the product with a sugary-sweet feel, so we relied heavily on pastels.

The supporting content was crafted around the design and drew heavily on puns, alliterations, and playful wording - something that comes through in Reyes’ other social efforts and customer interactions.

Title Decoration

End Results

Reyes I Make Cakes Homepage Reyes I Make Cakes Story
Reyes I Make Cakes Product Page Reyes I Make Cakes Form

Reyes I Makes Cakes' new site will be launching in 2021.