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LumenEd is a leading edge tutoring management software platform.






Lumened is about helping tutoring find the time to focus on high-priority activities like nurturing parent relationships, finding new clients and helping students succeed.

The team wanted to develop downloadable content - the goal was to create something potential customers could take away when visiting their website through their drip campaign.

Wallflower explored a variety of illustration themes and designs when building the book - with a focus on creating a narrative from start to finish.

LumenEd Illustrations
LumenEd Illustrations

Outcomes & Design

Because the illustrations would later inform other design elements and branding of LumenEd, Wallflower decided to create recurring helper characters that could easily be used throughout other content and Lumened’s website.

The team decided on a unique colour pallet that would keep a K-12 market engaged, but had the ability to sell B2B.

Title Decoration

End Results

LumenEd Page 1 LumenEd Page 2
LumenEd Page 3 LumenEd Page 4

LumenEd is growing everyday, with new tutoring business and companies downloading the ebook!