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Clerky is a human centered company. They make HR admin more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Web Design &





Clerksy helps business owners take care of the compliance and regulatory requirements surrounding employee management, from hiring and onboarding to implementing performance monitoring, and third party conflict management.

The team wanted to create a new look to tell their story - with a special focus on making their brand more approachable and less bound by industry jargon (something many HR companies do not do).

Trimmed Creative explored several different narratives, illustration themes, and tones with the team.

Clerksy Staff Illustration
Clerksy Team Illustration

Outcomes & Design

The team landed on a Hollywood theme. Employees are the real stars, and Clerksy lets owners focus on helping their stars shine while taking care of the behind-the-scenes work.

Trimmed Creative then built Clerksy’s website and first pieces of content (including an eBook) around this theme.

Title Decoration

End Results

Clerksy Ebook 1 Clerksy Ebook 2
Clerksy Ebook 3 Clerksy Ebook 4

Clerksy is bringing on new clients, using their new content as a sales tool, and getting ready to launch a campaign with Trimmed Creative in the new year.